Friday, April 18, 2008


+ I held out for a long time. For years I have been using one of my web pages at ABUNDANCETREK.COM as my blog. I am grateful for 2 Presbyterian Church (USA) staff people for introducing me to the concepts of Web 2.0 and walking me through the creation of a blog at a recent meeting of the Seminary Support Network. They are Dana McMahan and Jonathan Dennis of Creative Services.

+ It is getting unseasonably warm along the Erie Canal today. We may hit 80 degrees F. We have had 4 beautiful days. It was chilly, however, on Monday & Tuesday.

+ I will not muse every day but on days that I do I might update my musings from time to time so you may want to come back here again and see what I have added. I will soon be creating a blogroll for the sidebar but untill then you can find my blogroll at Scroll down on the column on the left. One of the best, if not the best, Progressive Christian blogs is Shuck & Jive by John Shuck, pastor of a very progressive church in Tennessee. He once served a church up here in the frigid North! Check out "These Are Our Mountains, Too", John's post yesterday on a successful PFLAG organizational meeting for his region. The post includes a video of some figure skating with a powerful song, One World, by Celtic Woman.

+ Manny hit 2 home runs last night at Yankee Stadium leading the World Champion Red Sox to a victory over the Yankees 7-5.


Anonymous said...

Hi John -- I'll be following your blog on my igoogle!

Abundancetrek said...

I'm still on a steep learning curve. igoogle? I will look into that soon.

Anonymous said...

John, we're glad that you're getting into Web 2.0, I'll also be following your blog via RSS!

John Shuck said...

Hey John!

Thanks for the link and for the incredibly kind words. Congrats on the new blog. Although, I did kind of like your cluttered look!