Tuesday, April 22, 2008


+ IDOLATRY AMERICAN STYLE: $$$$$ is an important post by the Prog(ressive)nosticator for Earth Day. Excerpt: "Somewhere, we were sold the false idea that whatever is profitable is also good and justified. We make ourselves gods, our petty desires become needs in minds twisted by greed and bloated with consumption. We become like locusts, devouring everything we depend on to live. If we continue to live like this, there is no question that we will destroy the capacity of the planet to sustain us. At this rate, in a few generations our descendants will be living on landfills if they are living at all. We have no need of a rapture to destroy the world and plunge it into tribulation. It has been plunged into tribulation for a long time, and there is no question in my mind - that which is Antichrist rules in power already."

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