Thursday, May 8, 2008


Jewish Voice for Peace offers a statement on "The Nakba and Israel's 60th Anniversary." Excerpt: "Any peaceful future depends on recognizing both the Palestinian and the Israeli narrative. And yet, just as the names of over 400 pre-1948 Palestinian towns and cities have been deliberately erased from maps, the history of the Palestinian Nakba itself has been all but erased from consciousness."

Please keep it in mind that these are concerned Jews saying these things. I am so sick and tired of being called anti-semitic because I support Palestinian rights.

If Israel wants to have the high moral ground, they need to get out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem pronto. The right of return issue must be addressed as well. This statement makes it so clear.

I am anticipating that there are some reading this who are in denial about the Nakba. Try to open your minds to the reality of what really happened in 1948 and what is continuing to happen to the Palestinians because of the military superiority of Israel backed by the USA. I want the USA, my country, to demand that Israel pulls out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and that we will withhold aid until this is done. Many American Jews and Israeli Jews agree with this.

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