Friday, January 23, 2009


A World Forum on Theology & Liberation is happening now in Belem, Brazil.

Here are 2 reports from Ecumenical News International:

Belem, Brazil - January 21. Theologians from around the world are converging on Belém, near the mouth of the Amazon River in northeast Brazil, to develop a theology for the "sustainability of life on Earth". Their meeting comes in advance of the World Social Forum, a global gathering addressing exploitative globalisation. "The social and political reality in the Amazonian context promotes a direct relationship with the earth, water and biodiversity and reveals the limits and alternatives of the relation of human beings with their immediate environment," noted a statement posted on the Web site ( of the 21 to 25 January World Forum on Theology and Liberation.Belem,

Brazil - January 22. Christian theology needs to seek forgiveness for theecological damage resulting from the misinterpretation of the creation stories in the Bible, a global gathering of theologians meeting in northeastern Brazil has been told. Sergio Torres, a Chilean Roman Catholic theologian, told the 21 to 25 January World Forum on Theology and Liberation in Belem that an "incomplete and unexplained interpretation of Genesis", the first book in the Bible, had led Christianity to promote an "excessive" concentration on human beings.

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