Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Shuck and Jive offers "Energy Literacy." John Shuck quotes from an article by James Howard Kuntsler and then adds an Oil Quiz and some Questions for Discussion. He closes with a call to "learn more about Peak Oil with the Peak Oil Primer and follow the links."

Here are some of Kuntsler's ideas:

"We have to dismantle things that have no future and rebuild things that will allow daily life to function."

"More people will be needed to work in farming and fewer in tourism, public relations, gambling, and party planning."

"We have to systematically decommission suburbia and reactivate our small towns and small cities."

"We have to let the sun set on Happy Motoring and rebuild our trains, transit systems, harbors, and inland waterways."

"We have to close down most of the overseas military bases we're operating and conclude our wars in Asia."

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John Shuck said...

And this blog, too! Thanks for reposting the oil information. It is difficult to get a conversation going about this very important issue.