Monday, October 26, 2009


+ I'm open to learning more but as of right now I am convinced that most people here in the USA live in a huge bubble of denial when it comes to the Israeli occupation of The West Bank. I am very disappointed in our government and our media as misinformation and lack of information continue to be the rule and rarely the exception.

+ Sadly, this is an uncomfortable subject here in the USA and many people simply avoid the issue. It is not right to be misinformed and ignorant about this tragic situation. You can disagree with me but let's please have this discussion. We can be respectful even as we disagree. Perhaps you will begin to agree with me as you learn more and more about what's happening. I hope so.

+ Let me be totally clear that I do not accept the idea that supporting the Palestinians means that I don't support the Israelis. Actually, I am convinced that supporting the Palestinians is indeed the best way to support the Israelis. The sooner there is a real peace with justice in that region, the better off all Israelis and all Palestinians will be.

+ I had the privilege of living briefly in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where I got to participate in The Coalition for Peace With Justice, a wonderful organization with many ties to both Israelis and Palestinians. I suggest that you go to their website and learn, learn, learn. CPWJ provides many resources which will help you discover the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

+ What many people call the "Israeli settlements" in the West Bank I am calling the "Israeli colonies." These colonies are simply illegal and immoral. The Israeli colonists need to go home and stop living in land which is not theirs. This needs to be done ASAP without any conditions whatsoever.

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