Tuesday, December 15, 2009


+ Shuck and Jive offers "Climate Change Demands We Live Differently" by John Shuck focusing on the impressive knowledge and wisdom of Theologian Sallie McFague.  Excerpts:

John says: "It is time for radical change. It is urgent. To recall the words of a long-haired, locust eating desert prophet: 'The axe is at the root of the tree.'" 

Sallie says: "Global warming is not just another important issue that human beings need to deal with; rather, it is the demand that we live differently. We cannot solve it, deal with it, given our current anthropology. It is not simply an issue of management; rather, it demands a paradigm shift in who we think we are. This is certainly not the only thing that is needed, but it is a central one, for without it we cannot expect ourselves or others to undertake the radical behavioral change that is necessary to address our planetary crisis." --Sallie McFague, A New Climate for Theology, p. 44

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