Thursday, February 25, 2010


+ I wrote the following MESSAGE FOR THE TREK on 9/4/02:

The first anniversary of the terrorist attack on NYC and DC is just a week away. What can I add to the conversation? I think GROUND ZERO needs to continue to be a sacred place. It needs to be hallowed ground. No particular organized religion can do this. The government can't. It can only be done by "the people." "The people" are creating something new and different. Some call it "the New Age." Some call it "the New Paradigm." Some call it a "spiritual awakening." But once a label is applied, it is no longer "the work of the people," the definition of the word liturgy. Not far from GROUND ZERO is the United Nations building. The UN began operations in 1945, the year the atomic bomb was used to destroy 2 Japanese cities. Those two cities have both set apart hallowed ground for the world. Now, New York City has an opportunity to join them by allowing GROUND ZERO to remain a place where "the people" can come together somehow to share a vision of a peaceful world, of everybody getting along, of religious and ethnic and class intolerance disappearing because "the people" simply won't stand for it anymore. There's work to be done, not constructing new twin towers, but constructing a global village based solidly on love.

+ All of the Messages for the Trek I wrote between 2002 and 2007 can be seen at

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