Monday, February 22, 2010


+ There are some people in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and many other denominations who believe that doctrines from past centuries still must be strictly followed.  I believe that the doctrines of previous centuries still make a lot of sense but must be understood in ways that check out with our current state of knowledge and wisdom.  So, the Progressive Christianity movement makes a lot of sense.  We honor the past but are not bound by it.  We can move forward.  We can and must change. 

Those who believe that doctrines from past centuries still must be strictly followed will often say that us Progressive Christians are more influenced by modern social trends than by the Holy Spirit.  I take this criticism seriously.  We must always seek to discern God's will with plenty of prayer, humility, openness and diligent study of the many factors involved.

I am satisfied that the Presbyterian Church (USA) usually does such discernment with great integrity and courage.  The perfecting of our denomination is far from done but it is happening in marvelous ways. 

I am glad that I have many Presbyterian colleagues who identify with the Progressive Christianity movement.  I will offer a more comprehensive list of groups and individuals in the future but for now let me offer a few:
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