Wednesday, March 30, 2011


+ Inner Frontier offers "The Illusion of Self" by Joseph Naft. This is the first of 9 in The Path of Liberation Series which will be offered over the next 9 weeks.  Here are the next 8: Cracks in the Illusion; Peace of Meditation; Coexistence; Exposing the Illusion; Freedom in Presence; Not Making Something of Nothing; Be Your Attention; I Am.

Excerpt: "Because one or another of our programs is always running, with others waiting, clamoring, in the wings, because the computer, in this case our body, exhibits stability, and because we are so familiar with the more frequently running programs, we believe this is who we are. We believe this set of programs, this personality, this mask, is us. And remarkably, insidiously, that is a self-fulfilling belief, because it moves us to allow our I, our will, to be controlled by whichever program happens to be running. We buy into our personality, our program of the moment, and let it run the show, which it does by usurping the power of will from the true I that we have surrendered to it."

Read it all.

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