Tuesday, March 15, 2011


+ updated at 11:46am ESDT on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

+ Inner Work for the week: "Non-Directed, Creative Will Spontaneity, Conscience, Opening (Modes of Will: Part 10 of 11)" by Joseph Naft.

Excerpt 1: "Just when we’re not looking, the creative energy slips the new into our life. In whatever way we come to it, when we do set aside, at least temporarily, our attachment to what we already know, to our habits and beliefs, to our established patterns of thought and action, to our tensions and defenses, then gaps appear within us, through which the new may enter."

Excerpt 2: "Spontaneity liberates not only outward actions, but also our inner work, for much of our inner world remains to us terra incognita and an attitude of exploration and spontaneity helps illumine our inner spaces."

Excerpt 3: "The creative realm of Sacred Light is the fabled but real domain of ecstasy. By actively exploring, feeling our way beyond consciousness, by emptying ourselves in hope and receptivity to be touched by the Sacred, by reaching with our entire being for the Sacred and opening to the realm of ecstasy, by standing in the nurturing rain of its sweet nectar, by soaking our soul in joy and responsibility, by all these inner acts of will, we come alive, alive to the fullness of being human, alive to unimagined possibilities."

Read it all.

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