Sunday, June 26, 2011


+ updated on Wednesday, June 29 at 5:11 pm ESDT

+ Dreams did not become a major theme of the retreat but that's all right because it was fabulous anyway.

I was particularly moved by the beautiful garden, the music, beading, painting, singing, group spiritual direction, silence, solitude, mutual respect and enthusiasm and compassion.

+ Shift Your Life offers "5 Obstacles to Meditation: The Veils That Prevent the Natural Radiant Luminosity of the Mind" by Tracy Latz. I follow Dr. Marion Ross on Twitter:

+ I am at a Spiritual Retreat with colleagues of the Presbytery of Utica here in Syracuse.  The theme is "Hear the Heart Speak." It began tonight and continues through Wednesday morning.  One of the emphases is Journaling.  We were instructed to journal on Silence.  Conversation  centered on Dreams. Tomorrow we will engage in Group Spiritual Direction.  I wonder if our Dreams will become an important theme of the retreat.

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