Friday, September 16, 2011


+ Spirituality and Practice offers "Praying the News: For Americans Living in Poverty" as we deal with the highest poverty rate since the Census Burea began collecting data 52 years ago. Excerpt from a prayer by Mimi A. Simpson:

Our Loving Creator God,
We bring before you this day
the burden the whole world carries
as it endures extreme poverty and hunger
in every land.


33902 Mini Storage said...

what's so compassionate about politics?

Abundancetrek said...

Earl Warren once said that we need "a political definition of compassion." I hope that we can find ways to make politics more compassionate.

Kate, law of attraction said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right. Politicians must have an attitude of being compassionate, it is very important nowadays to those who engage in politics because it is one way of keeping your country peaceful and progressive.