Wednesday, October 19, 2011


+ A Joyful Wandering post can go anywhere.  This series of posts is intended to be playful and not for the purpose of promoting any agenda of mine.  I definitely do promote agendas (hopefully in a somewhat organized manner) in several other series of posts such as the one I have just began on Sustainable Abundance. Of course, I might promote an agenda here but, again, that's not the main intention of the Joyful Wandering series of posts.  Indeed, as I look back at this series I see that I definitely do promnote some of my agendas.  So, Joyful Wandering does not exclude that possibility.  Anything goes.  Anything! 

So, I have no idea at this moment what might happen here. 

Today, I have begun my latest Coffee Break post at the John A Wilde Blog.  A Jon Stewart interview with the author of The Retirement Heist caught my attention. I definitely do promote agendas in that series of posts most of the time. One of the most important agendas is Economic Justice. Recently I have linked to places supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I support it.  The greed at the top has gone too far. We must speak truth to power,  We must get their attention.  Capitalism itself is not the enemy.  Greed is the enemy.

So, once again, I have promoted an agenda.

Let's be clear about this.  I am not saying I won't promote agendas in this series of posts.  I will.  Often!  It just won't be organized in any systematic or categorical way.  And, hopefully, the emphasis will be on Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Fun, Music, Art, Travel, Nature, Beauty and things like that. 

What's Next?

Another cup of coffee!

And Mindfulness. The Mindfulness Bell is useful. I am now going to set the bell for eleven minutes and be still.  Right now. 

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