Wednesday, January 11, 2012


+ I intend to get a book devoted to COMPASSION, PEACE, JUSTICE and SUSTAINABLE ABUNDANCE published so I better get on with it, make it a priority. Any help YOU can give me would be appreciated. I will share my efforts right here in this series of posts. Here is an Intro I wrote recently:

Let’s take a journey. We might want to categorize this journey as a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY but that does not thoroughly describe what’s happening here. Oh well. Let’s go!

Here are some of the destinations we will explore:

LOVE. Since Love is everywhere at all times, this is not really a destination but the pervasive presence always guiding us and surrounding us everywhere we go.

THE NINE CHARACTERISTICS OR ATTRIBUTES OF HEAVEN (and Heaven is not to be understood as some far off place but as a here and now reality which can be reached instantly by means of the amazing grace of God) . The Nine are Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Truth, Peace, Justice and Freedom. Love is at the center and all of the others are aspects of Love.

THE TWELVE SPIRITUAL PRACTICES we will use as we take this journey. They are Stillness, Silence, Solitude, Simplicity, Detachment, Discernment, Devotion, Delight, Humility, Healing, Holiness and Heavenliness. We will visit these “destinations” first since the success of the journey ultimately depends on these practices.

GREAT WISDOM TRADITIONS OF THE PLANET including (in alphabetical order) Buddhism, Celtic Spirituality, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shamanism and more. All of these wisdom traditions can lead people to more and more Love. Mysticism, or the Perennial Philosophy, is always at the heart of any genuine wisdom tradition. Since I am a Christian, much of the journey may tend to emphasize my heritage and my experiences. I am the guide of this journey and that’s the way it is. Christianity is NOT better than other wisdom traditions. Christianity at its best offers most of the great truths. So do other wisdom traditions.


Gracelyn said...

I love that post title "Joyful Wandering"

Good luck on publishing your book :)

Abundancetrek said...

Thank You Gracelyn for your comment. We must be kindred souls.