Monday, January 21, 2013


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+ TRANSFORMATION is the theme of THE TWELVES for this month. Mary Ann and Fred say: "There is an inherent human quest for transformation. We seek wholeness for ourselves so that we can then be agents of change to help heal the world. We offer 12 quotes to help ignite your personal transformation." | See the 12

+ I never thought I would hear "Namaste" at a Presidential Inauguration. What a fabulous poem Richard Blanco wrote and delivered on Monday: ONE TODAY. Excerpt: 

One sky: since the Appalachians and Sierras claimed
their majesty, and the Mississippi and Colorado worked
their way to the sea. Thank the work of our hands:
weaving steel into bridges, finishing one more report
for the boss on time, stitching another wound
or uniform, the first brush stroke on a portrait,
or the last floor on the Freedom Tower
jutting into a sky that yields to our resilience.

Read it all | Watch the video

+ A new lesson for a new week in the Inner Frontier Inner Work series on Learning to Be. Here is an excerpt from "Affirming the Higher:" "Having seen through our false I and continuing to look for who we are, we find that one in us who does what we do and sees what we see, the one who lives our life, the one beyond all the myriad thoughts and emotions, beyond all the noise of our personality and false I. Here I am, as myself. If we could be, just be, really be, we would be ourselves, our true I. That is a revolution in our inner world, because instead of being driven by our automatic reactions to what happens to us, the flow of our actions begins with us, with our real self."

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