Saturday, February 15, 2014



Something wonderful is happening. Right now. At this time. At all times. All the time. Paying attention to what’s happening right now will reveal miracle after miracle.  This is the realm we want to discover, explore, know, enjoy. Let’s go. OK?

Good! Great! Fantastic! Wonderful!

If we are in a realm of miracles, we are also in a realm of mysteries.  This realm is marvelous, but also risky, even dangerous. Make sure you have support from trusted friends, colleagues, guides, teachers as you travel through this marvelous realm.  It is fantastic. It is wonderful. But there are unexpected hazards or expected hazards here. Be careful. Be prepared. PRAY! Yes, pray. There are many ways to pray and I am not about to tell you which way is best for you.  I will share some of my ideas about prayer here.  Maybe you will benefit from them.  I believe praying is as natural as breathing so we are praying whether we know it or not.  God is always with us.  Actually it’s more than that: WE ARE PART OF GOD. We are intimately, intricately, infinitely connected to the source, to the Creative Energy, to the Mind and Heart of God who is Love, unconditional, unlimited, uniting LOVE. You need to know this. You need to experience this. You must enter this realm of Love because it is pervasive.  It is everywhere.  The more we know God, the more we can avoid the unexpected or expected hazards here.  They are not really here but it sure does feel like they are here, there and everywhere we go. So, be careful, be prepared. Pray. Trust your companions who are also praying, especially those companions you have reason to believe know how to pray.  This is really important.  Fortunately, these companions who can be trusted are here, there, and everywhere.  Take a  moment, take as long as you need, to think about your companions on this amazing journey. OK?

Good! Great! Fantastic! Wonderful!

It really is wonderful.  It really is fantastic. WOW! I am awake, aware, connected.  I am amazed, delighted, glad all over. Awe. Wonder. Beauty. Right here. Right now. WOW. Breathe deeply. Breathe fully. Be still. Be silent. Be centered. Be grounded. Gaze, like Moses, at the Burning Bush. You may have to use your imagination. You are in a holy place. You are the unquenchable fire, the eternal flame. You are the Light of the World, of the Universe, of Heaven. Lighten up. Loosen up. Let go. Let God.

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