Friday, September 12, 2014


A motto of the Reformed branch of Christianity is: REFORMED AND ALWAYS BEING REFORMED. That’s not only a good idea for a church or a mosque or a sangha. It is also a good idea for each and every person and every nation, tribe, family, neighborhood, association. Humility and openness are absolutely necessary. Gentleness and kindness and patience. An attitude of gratitude. Always forgiving. Always respecting, appreciating, caring, helping, serving. These are all tried and true virtues promoted by all the sages of the ages. They are not to be ignored or dismissed. Violence only as a last resort of self-defense and maybe even that should be examined carefully and thoroughly.

PRAY CONSTANTLY + I hate to use the word “should” BUT you should always be praying, Yes, always. Constant gratitude works. This creates an attitude of gratitude. Constant gratefulness. Constant thanksgiving. Constant communion with God and all the Saints. And everyone is a Saint. The more you pray, the more you know just how holy, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, awesome, you are. You and everyone else. Every human. Every creature. Yes, that means everything. Everything is holy. The more you pray, the more you know that. Wow.

One possible way for you to become one who prays constantly is to say thank you for every situation you encounter as much as you possibly can. I am thankful for this pen and paper and my knowledge of English. I am thankful for my brain, my fingers, my hand, my arm, my eyes, my lungs, my nose, my mouth, coffee, water, air and on and on it goes. Blue Sky. Clouds. Rain. Snow. Dogs. Cats. Birds. Flowers. Pizza. Ice Cream. Apples. Oranges. Television. Radio. Internet. And on and on it goes. Rock’n’Roll. Classical Music. Folk Music. Poems. Stories. The Dance. Running. Walking. Stretching. Breathing. Dreams. And on and on it goes. Mom. Dad. Spouse. Siblings.  Children. Friends.  Cousins.  Aunts. Uncles. Movies. Actors. Plays. Politicians. Lawyers. Teachers. Doctors. Engineers. Cashiers. And on and on it goes.

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