Monday, November 23, 2015



There are times when our offering is not necessarily some tangible gift or helpful act, but rather simply a peaceful manner. If we are clear and present, if we are quiet and centered, then others may be nourished simply by our lack of agitation. The world is so agitated that to be in the presence of a single person who is at peace can feel remarkably healing, a great blessing. If we are still, others will come when they need to remember who they are.
 -- Wayne Muller in How, Then, Shall We Live

The powerful practice of stillness is a powerful offering to the world.  Even before you are meeting other people, your stillness is making a difference.  Every thought we have is transmitted into the mysterious web of interconnectness which makes life possible and meaningful. 

Paradoxically, the practice of stillness makes community happen.  When you bring your whole self into your relationships you make it possible for others to bring their whole selves out.  This  is the foundation for an authentic, compassionate community.  It can grow and grow and grow.  So, this is a practice we can live with and the whole planet can live with.  This is a practice which creates heaven here on earth moment after moment.  It is definitely a heavenly practice. 

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