Tuesday, November 24, 2015



…work out your own salvation… (Philippians 2:12)

What does it mean to come into the great inner silence, the cognizant stillness of consciousness? How do we find and open our inner door to the sacred? Words, formal prayers, and guided meditations can point the way, but only our own action, only our investigation of our private experience, only our own inner experimentation and observation can give us the taste, the understanding, and the ability to enter the spiritual depths.
-– Joseph Naft in an Inner Work post on Spiritual Efficacy offered in May 2013.

Each of us has our own path, our own styles.  I really appreciate what Ed Bastian offers. He has developed a dynamic process of discovering what works for each unique person.  He has identified 12 important spiritual styles and offers a tool for discerning your natural inclinations and your strengths and weaknesses.   I urge you to check out www.spiritualpaths.net. He has written a groundbreaking book on this process: Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path: An InterSpiritual Process.

EDIT 6/14/19: The course described below continues to be offered.  It is now vastly improved at the Spiritual Paths website Look for it later this year 2019 and the cost for a full year of membership is now only $99.
SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE READING THIS IN LATE 2015 and EARLY JANUARY 2016.  Ed is offering a comprehensive Internet course on THE MANDALA PROCESS: CREATING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH during January and February. I have benefited immensely from taking this course. The cost is $175 and totally worth it.  Video meetings are held weekly.  A lot of wonderful sharing is done at the course website once you have registered.

The course will help you:
· Create a spiritual path and contemplative practice that give your life meaning, purpose and direction.
· Find answers, traditions and practices that most powerfully align with your personal spiritual styles.
· Discover consilience among spiritual, psychological, mythological and scientific traditions.
· Gain an appreciation and integration of diverse spiritual traditions, modalities, beliefs and practices and learn to meditate and pray with people from those diverse traditions.
· Cultivate a calm, focused, empathetic and centered state-of-being.

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