Saturday, November 21, 2015



Here is another quote from that wonderful book by Erich Schiffmann, the great Yoga teacher:

Stillness, therefore, is a higher energy state than what we're used to. This is because we are rarely wholehearted, or unconflicted, about anything. When you are not wholehearted, when you'd rather be someplace other than where you are, parts of you shut down and begin not to participate. Your energy circulation becomes constricted, and the creative life force is unable to flow through you unimpeded. Your energy flow, the amount of life force flowing through you, begins to diminish. The source of the energy does not diminish, but the amount that flows through you does. This leads to ill health, low energy, lowered vitality, lack of enthusiasm, depression, frustration, unhappiness, and suffering. None of this feels good.

Several years ago, Erich Schiffmann collaborated with Ali McGraw in a great teaching video with some of the basic asanas of physical yoga practice.  You can buy it at  There is a brief intro on Youtube at

Of course, yoga is not the only mental, spiritual and physical practice which can create and sustain stillness, but it is a good one, tested for thousands of years.  Even if you don’t practice yoga, the spiritual wisdom Erich Schiffmann offers in Moving Into Stillness is wonderful.

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