Thursday, December 3, 2015



+ Inner Frontier offers a page on the practice of stillness by Joseph Naft, a wise and experienced spiritual guide. Here are 2 excerpts:
·         Neither stillness of consciousness, nor stillness of will depend on stillness of the body. Thoughts and emotions can be streaming, the body moving, seeing, hearing, and speaking, and yet, simultaneously, underlying all these more external perceptions, we can stay in touch with the more interior, the stillness of consciousness, open in our will, fully present.
·         Stillness of will, openness to the Tao, should not be confused with passivity. Instead, it calls for an alert, awake, open way of being.

While stillness of body and of will are important, even essential, it is stillness of consciousness that really makes the difference, what we are striving to attain here as we become the heavenly beings we are called to be.  You are fantastic.  Yes, YOU.  I believe it takes the steady and determined day to day practice of stillness for us to come to really believe and know for sure that we are heavenly beings even during our earthly sojourn.

At Inner Frontier, Joseph Naft offers a very illuminating and insightful article on a variety of spiritual practices weekly.  His books are inspirational, comprehensive and delightful.  You can go a long way at developing the stillness, meditation and mindfulness with Joseph Naft as a guide.  Inner Frontier is truly one of the great websites to visit and explore on your spiritual journey.

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