Saturday, December 12, 2015



Direct your eye inward, and you will find a thousand regions of your mind yet undiscovered.
 -- Henry David Thoreau

Adventure, Exploration, Discovery, Creativity, Experimentation, Infinite Possibilities are some of the words which come to mind for me as we go forward on our journey.  You don’t have to go anywhere or do things beyond your thoughts and feelings.  Enjoy the heavenly realm which exists in your mind, heart, body and soul.  It is amazing. 

Like in any adventure, there is risk and it is best to have a guide or a companion or several companions as you explore your inner realms.  There are obstacles, challenges, difficulties within.  You may need somebody to help get beyond some of these.  Seek out and / or continue to work with trusted guides and companions.  Be part of a community of people devoted to this journey.  Practicing stillness in solitude is essential but so is community.  Indeed the stillness we are seeking to establish can be, must be, practiced in the busy-ness and turmoil of everyday life.   This is what the Buddhists call mindfulness which is an exploration in itself we will get to on this journey.

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