Monday, January 11, 2016


If you could get rid
of yourself just once,
The secret of secrets
Would open to you.
The face of the unknown,
Hidden beyond the universe
Would appear on the
Mirror of your perception.
-- Rumi

+ Beyond yourself.  That’s where we are going.  That’s where we want to go. This is quite an adventure.  Heaven is beyond the fear, the anxiety, the doubt, the insecurity, the demands and expectations of our very limited egocentric self.

This heavenly realm we are seeking is not actually a destination.  Destiny is a more accurate description. We are always exploring this glorious realm whether we know it or not.  It is a mystery most of the time.  With a few exceptions, we humans don’t get to know “the secret of secrets” fully but we can get to know it partially and even have glimpses where we get to know “the secret of secrets” fully for a moment or two.  

Complete detachment is not what we are after.  We have to be attached in many ways here on earth.  But we don’t have to be attached as much as we are.  We can let go of a lot of unnecessary baggage.  Some of us might let go of more, even a lot more, than others.  We are free to decide moment after moment how much attachment to relationships, things, beliefs, opinions, etc. we need now.  We all can detach from a lot if we think about it and pray about it.  As Thoreau said: “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.”

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