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+ Humility is the disposition to view oneself as basically equal with any other human being even if there are objective differences in physical beauty, wealth, social skills, intelligence, or other resources. … It is the ability to keep one's talents and accomplishments in perspective, to have a sense of self-acceptance, an understanding of one's imperfections, and to be free from arrogance and low self esteem.
— Janis Abrahms Spring in How Can I Forgive You? Excerpted from

+ The Good News is that true humility is true love. Be humble, really humble and Heaven in all its glory is yours, ours, mine. You become loving. You become love. You know you are loved unconditionally even with all of your faults which are many.

But now as you practice being humble, your faults fall away and your perfection is realized. This is an amazing thing. Enjoy.

Humility is the door to heaven because it is the great equalizer, the great uniter. We are all perfect. We are all imperfect. None of us can achieve heaven on our own as individual human beings. We need each other. Don’t think for a minute that you can get there on your own.

In humility we begin to know that our real identity is heavenly with all of the joy that means. This means we begin to know that we are not separate from each other. We experience ourselves in a new and indeed startling way as one humanity rather than 7 billion separate humans. In a totally mysterious way we become The Other, even those we think we detest. That’s what humility does for us. There are no opposites any more, no enemies. We become the enemy and then we can no longer define someone as the enemy. The enemy in any form disappears. There is peace, Heavenly Peace. It is wonderful. ONE-DERFUL. But words don’t really work here. Be still and Know. Be detached and Know. Be humble and Know.

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