Thursday, March 10, 2016



+ In meditation and contemplative prayer, the purely receptive approach is to do nothing, or more accurately, to not do anything. We just sit. We do not try to shape our inner experience in any way. We notice any impulse to go with a thought, to pay particular attention to something, or to change our inner state. But we let those impulses fade without acting on them. We just sit and wait and allow everything to be as it is. This silence of our will attunes us to the deepest silence, to the realm beyond space and time. In this practice of non-doing, we make ourselves available to the Sacred depths. It is not our part to make something happen, much less make any demands. We just sit and be. Gradually our thoughts subside on their own. If and when and to what degree the Sacred touches us, we will know. But that only happens in its own time and only if we are available.
-- Joseph Naft in Inner Frontier Inner Work > Beyond Mind > Mind and Thought: Part 5

+ I know.  This is deep.  Maybe too deep for some of you.  If so, let it go for now, but maybe the day will come when you want to explore silence at this deeper level.  Maybe tomorrow.  So, do “just sit and wait” and listen and try to discern if this deeper practice is for you.  You may find that Anthony De Mello is right in asserting that “You are made whole again in silence.”

+ Most if not all of the contents of The Sacred Art of Soul Making can be found on the Inner Frontier website in the section entitled “Complete List of Practice Articles.”

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