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+ Inner solitude and Noble Silence is a way to empty, cleanse, heal, and renew the heart and mind. This is a voluntary way to start the process of simplification and personal downsizing. The peace will help you purify your perceptions and make presence of mind more acute, clear, spacious, and even luminous.  / Incredible satisfaction is available when you begin experiencing the timeless truth that less can actually be more; that the most elegant solution is often the simplest one. Gratitude and appreciation serve us better than attachment and grasping. Peace of mind is the inmost secret treasure.
-- Lama Surya Das in Awakening The Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das
+ The Mind Journey begins with the practice of Stillness.  The Heart journey begins with the practice of Silence.  The Body journey begins with the practice of Solitude.  The Soul Journey begins with with the practice of Simplicity

But in many ways these practices are one practice.  We really can’t separate Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.  And we really can’t separate Stillness, Silence, Solitude and Simplicity.  We keep going round and round emphasizing one aspect of our being or another but every aspect is always here.  The more we are aware of that, the more we can effectively practice the essential  goals of our exploration: Humility, Healing, Holiness and Heavenliness. Ultimately this creates Heaven on Earth, the fantastic, glorious realm of Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Truth, Peace, Justice and Freedom.  We will explore these attributes of Heaven soon.

+ Spirituality & Practice offers many resources on the spiritual practice of Solitude.

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