Friday, April 15, 2016



Not all … are called to be hermits, but all … need enough silence and solitude in their lives to enable the deep inner voice of their own true self to be heard at least occasionally.
-- Thomas Merton in The Silent Life

+ "At least occasionally." 

You have heard that it is a good idea to make yourself your best friend, right?  You can only create that amazing friendship which can carry you through life if you know who you are.  Yes you can often find out who you are in community.  But solitude is also essential.  And your community can sometimes lead you astray.  Much of the hate and greed and violence of the world is created by communities which do not know how to honor the true self.  So, do not trust others to tell you who you are.  You have to discover yourself by yourself.

But, when we are involved in our communities, we can go a long way toward creating more peace and compassion by really listening to others.

+ Spirituality & Practice offers many resources on the spiritual practice of Listening and a Twelves Gallery of Memes on Listening.  The meme above comes from that gallery. Thank You S&P.

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