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+ Sooner or later the desire to be holy, to be whole, to be heavenly, becomes your goal. You want to be transformed into your highest ideal. You have been healed enough to know you want it all, all of what heaven offers: Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Truth, Peace, Justice, Freedom.

You’ve got to put your mind, heart, body and soul into it. And you need a new body, a heavenly body.

The regular practice of stillness gives birth to this new body. It actually isn’t new at all. It is ancient but you forgot you had it! Once you begin to remember how wonderful, how fantastic, this body is, you want it. You become devoted to it. It is the new you, the real you, the wonderful you, the fantastic you, the heavenly you.

The essential practice of solitude brings this heavenly body to life. You are awakened as stillness and silence and their associated benefits bring you to a blissful state of awareness in solitude. Most of us avoid this blissful state of awareness because it is the unknown, the unfamiliar. We fear this state of awareness because we are attached to all kinds of earthly pleasures which promise satisfaction. But sooner or later we realize that the promises are false. We realize we need to move on to a different and greater reality where satisfaction is guaranteed. The essential practice of solitude offers this satisfaction, this bliss, because your connection to heaven is deep within yourself. 

In this state reached through endless stillness practice, you can hear God speak to you. It’s not a voice you can ordinarily hear. Find time and space for this, this bliss. You will be blessed in so many ways as you practice, practice, practice stillness, silence, solitude.

Here in solitude you feel more connected to everything. This includes those closest to you and those far away, even beyond Planet Earth. You are paradoxically in community like never before. And you take the gifts of solitude with you wherever you go, with whoever you meet. This is amazing. Don’t resist it.

Actually you are always in solitude but you don’t know it. Everything you feel, think, say, do comes from deep within you. All of your relations with others are completely under the control of your solitude which never quits and is constantly changing.

Getting to know yourself in solitude is an essential practice and often very hard work. We avoid it like the plague. But avoiding it leads to all kinds of woes. 

It does get hard here because we have to face ourselves as we really are and we begin to see the difference, the gap, between our Real Self and our false self. We have put a lot of time and energy into that false self, far too much. We need to begin to make solitude work for us rather than against us. Remember, it is always controlling us so becoming aware of its presence and power is essential. There is no way around this practice. Our holiness, our heavenliness, depend on our mastering the practice of solitude.

Enjoy being alone. You always are alone in a real sense. So enjoy it. Immerse yourself in the joy of solitude.  Sooner or later, the bliss will come. This bliss is worth the struggle. It’s not worldly bliss if there is such a thing and I know there isn’t. The ego, the false self, simply cannot experience bliss. Bliss is only for the faithful who strive to “be in the world but not of it.”

We are striving to be holy and the only way to become holy is to be devoted to it. Solitude is challenging so devotion becomes necessary.  Devotion is the next practice which we will explore very soon.

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