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+ More from Mary Ann & Fred from their Introduction to the spiritual practice of Devotion:
Devotion is not something that is done once a week, just on religious holidays, or only in response to a particular event in your life. Special devotions may be called for at those times, but as a spiritual practice, it needs to be part of your daily routine.

Devotion then helps you build self-discipline. Being constant in your prayers prepares you for other disciplines needed in your life. On the other hand, if you lack commitment and don't tend to follow through in the long run, your devotional life will suffer as well. This practice needs to be done regularly.
-- Mary Ann & Frederic Brussat

+ Daily commitment, even moment-to-moment commitment to our spiritual path is what we are working on here.  You have come this far.  Let’s keep exploring.  I love having you along on this journey, this fascinating quest making it possible for you and me and everyone to experience and promote the heavenly attributes of Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Truth, Peace, Justice and Freedom.

+ Spirituality & Practice offers many resources on the spiritual practice of Devotion.  You can explore even more with this link to “Devotion” on their search engine. You will find 2153 items as of 4/26/16.  And, of course, there is a Twelves Gallery of Memes on Devotion.  The meme above comes from that gallery. The Body also gets a lot of attention from S&P as you can see if you go to this link to “Body” on their search engine. You will find 1611 items as of 4/26/16.

+ I would love it if you offered a guest post on this practice or any practice.  And, I have work to do on my Devotion page.   Maybe you can help.  Send an email with the subject “Devotion” or “Guest Post” to

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