Monday, June 6, 2016



Simply Faith

To rest in the arms of our Creator
To love in each action of the day
To resist the urge to seek self- importance
To simply be in awe.
To speak in the face of injustice
To make room for silent moments
To sit comfortably with living and dying
To remember the stories of lifetimes of faith.
To grieve for those lost and loved
To release what is captive in me
To work in great darkness and great light
To celebrate with a joyful heart.
To be a peaceful presence in a world full of distress
To abide in the heart of God
To heal the whole person
To simply be.
To integrate a loving touch and prayer
To speak and honor the Spirit.
To look into the eyes of God in each person I meet
To be grateful.
Simply faith – complex work of the heart belonging to God.
-- Carol Tippe 2013

+ “To simply be in awe” is a wondrous thing.  We can move into this wondrous, heavenly state of being through these practices. This really is an Amazing Journey.

In these Journey of the Soul practices of Simplicity, Delight and Heavenliness we move beyond our earthly limits as much as possible. But, paradoxically, we become more committed to our planet than ever before. It may be a temporary home but it is a wonderful place to spend some time.

That said, let’s see if we can reduce our attachment to it because there really is something better. Heaven is home. Home sweet home. Only heaven can satisfy us totally. We are in heaven right now.  We simply need to become fully aware of this greater reality which surrounds us and completes us. We don’t have to die to get there. But the part of us that is fake does need to die and that’s what happens in all of these practices and particularly these Journey of the Soul practices.

Simplicity, as the song says, is simply a gift. Every one of these practices is a gift, a gift from heaven, your true home.  You are a gifted, heavenly being right now, right here.  Yes you are.

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