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+ A number of people in our increasingly complex world have found themselves going on unexpected pilgrimages back to the world of indigenous peoples to tap into a simpler, more natural connection with the earth and with a spirituality somehow based on that closer connection. The change is then experienced by the pilgrim as a spiritual experience, a change in values, in how they look at the world and at other people, finding wisdom in unexpected places.
— Jean Dalby, Wallace Clift in The Archetype of Pilgrimage by Jean Dalby Clift, Wallace B. Clift

+ I think these two authors get right to the heart of what the spiritual practice of Simplicity is all about.  Pilgrimage can be a metaphor for taking a journey, an inner journey, where we let go of so many things which are getting in the way.  When we go on a journey we have to let go of many of the items we think we need when we are at home.  But then we find that we didn’t need them after all because the journey itself becomes so meaningful, inspirational and illuminating.

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+ The photo comes from the S&P Twelves Gallery on Questing.
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