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+ In 1973, at a time when more and more people were talking about the importance of ecology … Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered  (by E.F.Schumacher)  was published. Here he advocated the use of small appropriate technologies over the traditional Western obsession with "bigger is better." Schumacher's attack on unbridled growth and the depletion of the earth's natural resources spoke to many people who were ready to commit themselves to a more spiritual way of living. The Times Literary Supplement ranked Small Is Beautiful as one of the 100 most influential books published since World War II.

+ The connection between Simplicity and Spirituality is profound.  It is definitely worth exploring as we have been doing here.  We will soon move on to the next practice, the closely related Soul practice of Delight, but the Soul practice of Simplicity needs to be constantly held up as an essential practice for anyone desiring to realize what it means to be heavenly, to be authentic, to be loving and compassionate.  And, as Schumacher pointed out, our planet needs us to do simplify our lives if we are to prevent ecological and economic catastrophe.  To repeat what Gandhi said: “There is enough for everybody’s need but not everybody’s greed.”  Are you too greedy?  Am I too greedy?  Living in the affluence most of us take for granted is probably all too greedy when we compare our situation with so many other people on our planet. 

+ Simplicity is not one of the 37 Spirituality & Practice practices BUT put Simplicity in their Search Engine and you come up with 314 items including 117 quotes, 156 books, 11 practices, 9 teachers, 1 arts link, 11 e-courses, 7 films and 1 blog as of 6/4/16.  Go to

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