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+ There is a remarkable similarity between the spiritual writing of mystics from many of the world’s major religions. Remove the names and specific terminology and you’d think they were all members of the same tradition.

The mystical way within us feels, intuits, communicates with or otherwise experiences mysteries beyond ordinary human perception. I use the word “mysteries” because the things a mystic perceives are things that can only be wondered about, guessed at or deduced. They can’t be tangibly perceived or shared through the normal senses. Even so, mystical perception is one of the most important ways in which people approach their spirituality.

+ The mystical experience is not the only way to embrace our true heavenly identity but it is very important, perhaps essential.  But, again, it is not the only way.  Other ways are also important and perhaps essential. 

Ed offers a model that recognizes that we all have different learning styles.  While some may find the way of the mystic very natural, others are more drawn to other styles (all 12 listed below).  Ultimately we need to embrace a variety of styles.  It is good to know which styles come naturally to you and which styles need more work.   At the very least we can affirm the essential contributions of others who reveal heaven to us through styles which are not our particular strength.  

I intend to share some ideas about all of these styles as we continue to explore the practice of Heavenliness.

The Twelve Styles:
·         The Arts
·         The Body
·         Contemplation & Meditation
·         Devotion
·         Imagination
·         Love
·         Mystic
·         Nature
·         Prayer
·         Reason
·         Relationships
·         Wisdom

If you read Mandala: Creating An Authentic Spiritual Path: An InterSpiritual Process and / or takethe course, you will discover which styles come naturally to you and which styles do not. You will learn a lot about each of these styles.  You can work on these styles and become increasingly transformed to your highest ideal, your full potential.
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