Monday, November 28, 2016


+ We are called to create and enjoy a realm of compassion, peace, justice and sustainable abundance for all.

+ Then there is the listening at the gates of the heart which has been closed for so long, and waiting for that mysterious inner voice to speak. When we hear it, we know it is the truth to which we must now surrender our lives.
-- Beth Ferris quoted in Finding What You Didn't Lose by John Fox

+ The time for contemplation is the spring that feeds our action, and our action will be as deep as the spring. We need time to allow the spirit to clear the obstacles – the clinging debris and mud – that keeps the spring from flowing freely from its clear, deep source. And we need time for the spring to overflow into insightful and compassionate action.
-- Thomas Merton
This was the OneSpirit Daily Inspiration on November 28, 2016, offered on the very day I wrote and uploaded this post. Merton, a great twentieth century mystic and writer is found frequently in these explorations.

+ I think it is The Mystic who understands Truth most completely. We explored the style of The Mystic in the first 18 posts of our exploration of the practice of Heavenliness, SE201 thru SE218.

As you probably know by now, I believe that the practices of stillness, silence, solitude and simplicity are the foundation for all this exploration. We need to find time for that essential “waiting for that mysterious inner voice to speak” and ultimately come to “know it is the truth to which we must now surrender our lives.” It may take minutes.  It may take months.  It may take years.  It may take decades.  We are all different and must find our own unique paths.  But we can’t ultimately say No to this quest to hear “that mysterious inner voice.” No one can avoid it forever.  And why would we want to avoid the Truth, anyway? It is beautiful and abundant and delightful beyond our ability to describe. Perhaps the 9 Attributes of Heaven I have come up with are a way to begin to perceive this reality. But a mystical experience is what is really needed. There is no law that says you can’t have one.     

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