Friday, April 25, 2008


+ Beliefnet offers "The Nature of Faith" by Caroline Myss. This article has been available since 2003. (I'm going through some of my 2003 abundancetrek blog posts.) Excerpt:

Faith is power. It is the power to stand up to the madness and chaos of the hysical world while holding the position that nothing external has any authority over what heaven has in mind for you. That kind of power is perhaps the most enviable internal strength that any human being can attain. Like any good Catholic schooled in the lives of the saints and mystics, I know an endless string of stories that show why their faith was the proof of their sainthood. Against all odds, these individuals were able to resist forces of the outside world that others would cave under and hold steady on their course. That course could consist of believing in the process of inner revelation that was taking place within their spirits, or of trusting that their needs would be met regardless of the odds.

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