Friday, October 24, 2008


God and politics can not be separated. God is intimately and intricately involved in everything we do. This definitely includes politics.

Since I watched the Democratic Convention on C-SPAN, I got to see and hear what few people saw or heard. I got to see and hear some very effective prayers after the big speeches were over, during the time when the pundits were chattering. So, my friends, It seems that there are Democrats who believe in God! This, of course, should not be a surprse but some Republicans seem to be very misinformed about this.

I know that most Republicans believe in God. That's great. Fantastic. Wonderful. I would like Republicans to know that most Democrats believe in God. Now that is a lot of common ground. That is a basis for a lot of mutual respect and good will.

I would be curious to find out if those who are stealing or mutilating campaign signs right now or saying really obnoxious things right now -- on both sides -- believe in God. Because God says: "Thous shalt not steal." Because God says: "Love One another."

McCain and Obama and Palin and Biden believe in God. Most Republicans and most Democrats believe in God. We can and must unite as a nation even now before the campaign is over. We can be respectful. We can appreciate those who disagree on issues facing us. Let's keep it in mind right now that "we the people" are one people "under God." We all want "liberty and justice for all." We can and will and indeed should differ on ideas about how to accomplish this goal. But let us always keep it in mind that God is involved in our thinking whether we lean to the Right or lean to the Left or seek to be in the Center.

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