Friday, May 1, 2009


+ PC(USA) moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow has asked Presbyterian bloggers to focus on poverty today. In areas I frequent (Central New York & Western New York) the severe recession hitting the nation has not hit quite as hard because we had already lost a lot of our economic assets in previous years. But I do understand there has been a big uptick in people needing food. Also, unemployment has increased significantly in the last year.

+ I will update this post during the next day or 2 as I discover what Presbyterian bloggers are saying about poverty. You can go to Presbyterian Bloggers Unite.

+ Stephen Whitaker offers
"Poverty, Small Towns, and Church Cooperation" in his blog, Presbyneering: Pioneering New Ground in the Presbyterian Church.

+ My favorite Presbyterian blogger, John Shuck, offers "Poverty in Appalachia" in his blog, Shuck and Jive.

+ 1pm update > The Presbyterian Global Food Crisis Center is a closely related effort. It is amazing what one can discover through my friends at Facebook. Several of my Facebook friends work at the Presbyterian Center in Louisville.

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John Shuck said...

Thanks for the shout, John. I am pleased that Bruce R-C has organized this event.

My best to you in NY!