Thursday, November 19, 2009


+ I just participated in a LIVE DISCUSSION WITH KAREN ARMSTRONG 11/19/09 at Facebook >

+ I intend to expand this post soon with some excerpts from that discussion. Over 60 people participated. The Charter for Compassion has now been affirmed by over 18,000 people.
Please join us by going to the webpage right now and affirming the Charter or, if you have done that, look for ways to promote the Charter and to engage in acts of compassion.

+ In one post, Karen Armstrong wrote: "The trouble is that people may say they believe in compassion, but they are not doing it! the world is full of pain and alienation and yet we do not hear the compassionate voice of religion. instead we hear about doctrinal disputes and other such things. So let us ~ we the people ~ make that voice resound through the world. Sign up. And let the religious leaders know we mean business."

+ In Post 75, she wrote: "We don't need a new doctrine or a new theological insight. The teachings of compassion are already there. They are age old and are said by all the sages to lie at the core of religion. So why are people not following these compassionate teachings? because compassion is hard. A lot of people prefer to use religion to affirm the ego, instead of laying it aside as we reach out to the other. They prefer to follow secondary, less doctrinal goals, that often inflate the ego ~ like doctrinal orthodoxy. But if we got back to the compassionate ethic, then we would gain in theological insight too. i am quite certain about that. it is compassion that brings us to God, Nirvana, Brahman and Dao."

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