Wednesday, February 10, 2010


+ This is the second in a series of posts on a marvelous book, God Has A Dream by ArchBishop Desmond Tutu.

+ Bishop Tutu deals with the theme of transfiguration throughout the book.  This Sunday, February 14, is the last Sunday before Lent when the Goispel lesson is always The Transfiguration of Jesus.  Tutu says that the miracle of transfiguration is happening all of the time.  He points to the miracle of his own country, South Africa, which mostly peacefully transitioned to allow all of its citizens to vote and participate in their democracy after decades of a brutal apartheid regime. He was a big part of this transfiguration and he became a leader of the reconciling efforts since that regime was replaced. 

This Sunday also is now called Evolution Sunday.  I believe there is every reason to see that Evolution and Transfiguration are not in opposition but indeed are complementary. Presbyterian blogger John Shuck advocates Evolution as a basic understanding of reality that we need to embrace.  He offers an intriguing post, "Better Living Through Evolution" which now has elicited quite a few interesting comments including my own which I am offering here:

It is simply an impossibility that I would not add a thought or 2 to this discussion.

First, I love the archetype of Transfiguration. 3 Utica Presbyterian churches will be studying Desmond Tutu's GOD HAS A DREAKM beginning this Sunday evening. Tutu uses the theme of Transfiguration throughout his inspiring and challenging book. I'm sure he embraces Evolution too.

Second, I agree with those who believe we need to embrace Evolution firmly. There is absolutely no reason to think that we must come up with a different theory simply because Evolution refuses to back up the Genesis stories. Thanks John for your prophetic and illuminating contribution to this effort.

Third, I am a fan of Christian myth and ritual because the radical meaning of our symbols and archetypes does not contradict but affirms the truths of Evolution. I see the effort of David Sloan Wilson as both a promotion of Evolution and Transfiguration. True transfiguration is always happening right now, right here, in this holy moment of life. Perhaps the author of the Gospel of John understands that even better than those who gave us the story of the Transfiguration. In the Gospel of John, Jesus is always transfigured and transfiguring. He is all about change, changing himself and others into people who love one another. Not that the other Gospels don't promote change and love. They do too.

We can evolve, be transfigured, into creatures who live life in a bold and compassionate way, advocating for and creating more and more peace and justice and joy, God's Holy Realm.

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