Thursday, February 4, 2010


+ The E-retreat on InterSpiritual Wisdom has begun.  You can sign up at any time.  Now is a great time!

+ The theme for Week One is Forgiveness.

+ I have reflected for years on The 12 Pathways to Higher Consciousness offered by Ken Keyes Jr. which you can find at 

Number 5 and number 6 seem to contradict each other but not really and maybe this is what forgiveness is all about. Here they are:
5) I take full responsiliblity here and now for everything I experience, for it is my own programming that creates my actions and also influences the reactions of people around me.

6) I accept myself completely here and now and consciously experience everything I feel, think, say, and do (including my emotion- backed addictions) as a necessary part of my growth into higher consciousness.
My own thinking about these things over the years has led me to conclude that ...

We are intimately, intricately and infinitely connected by a matrix of unconditional, unlimited and uniting LOVE which is miraculous, mysterious and marvelous.
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