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+ Well, it's about time!  I'm just wondering: will you join me for some more joyful wandering, joyful wondering, in the next few months.  That would be a blessing!

+ Getting a good balance in my life is something I am striving to achieve.  My cyber life is a significant part of it, particularly as I promote sustainable abundance, peace, justice and compassion. My Prayer Life is really important.  My Family Life.  My Church Life.  My Interest in things like Rock'n'Roll, Baseball, Travel, Photography, Politics, Theology and more.

OK Prayer must come first.  I have been doing pretty well at establishing a daily practice of Centering Prayer as taught by Father Keating.  I have been trying to increase my efforts in Intercessory Prayer.  I do a lot of Journaling with a desire to write more and more about my spiritual journey.  I intend to add more Joyful Wandering posts at The Abundancetrek Blog.

So, here I am wandering and wondering again!  With some focus I hope. 

I intend to spend a week on each of the 12 spiritual practices and 9 heavenly attributes in the following order: Stillness, Detachment, Humility, Silence, Discernment, Healing, Solitude, Holiness, Devotion, Simplicity, Delight, Heavenliness, Abundance, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty, Love, Truth, Peace, Justice , Freedom.

So, this week's emphasis is STILLNESS.  I have a web page on STILLNESS which will get us started.  Let's go to it now >

I did and I kind of like what I see but I also see that this page needs a lot of work.  I'm going to fix any broken links now.  Isn't this fun?

Many broken links.  This will take a while.

+ BEING STILL leads to PAYING ATTENTION > Spirituality and Practice offers plenty of resources on this foundational spiritual practice at Here is a book excerpt I found in the S&P section on Attention:

Master Hsing Yun presents ideas on ways to tend our moral, emotional and spiritual gardens. Here is an excerpt on attention from the book Tending Life's Garden: Between Ignorance and Enlightenment VI:

The mind is like tangled silk that needs sorting to be in good working order. It is like an ancient mirror that requires a good polishing in order to shine, or a wild horse that needs to be tamed. The mind is our master, leading the daily activities of our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body. Within our everyday activities, a single thought may ruin our lives or reputations, or help us gain success and fame. Buddhist sutras compare the ungoverned mind to the likes of thieves, vicious beasts, monkeys, and kings. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to govern the mind!

He then offers 3 suggestions. Read more.

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