Monday, April 11, 2011


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+ Last night's joyful wandering took me to Fenway Park.  Well, not really.  Only through the magic of television.  The Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-0.  Pitching ace Josh Beckett allowed only 2 hits as the Red Sox won their first series of the year. I love Baseball.  Especially when the Red Sox win.  Or the Giants as in last year's World Series. The first time the Giants won that fall classic since moving to San Francisco in 1958.

+ Inner Frontier offers "The Eightfold Path" by Joseph Naft.  This is one of the best in his Weekly Inner Work series of lessons.

+ Inner Frontier offers "The Peace of Meditation" by Joseph Naft. This is the third lesson of 11 in his The Path of Liberation series.

Excerpt 1: "To see our thoughts as thoughts, as self-generating, automatic thoughts, to see our emotions as emotions, as self-generating, visceral responses and reactions to inner and outer events, we need some space, we need a place to see from, a place to gain some perspective on our inner world. That is one of the primary purposes and powers of meditation: to find the spacious inner peace of cognizant stillness, the true consciousness."

Excerpt 2: "Meditation shows us the possibility of living in awareness itself, rather than in thoughts and emotions, attitudes and reactions. Relaxing into awareness, into the cognizant substrate beneath our thoughts and emotions, takes us out of that busy stream."

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