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+ There is a new post on The Abundancetrek Travel Blog. Mary and I are headed for England and Wales this summer.

+ Ed Bastian just shared a very thoughtful and moving column with his InterSpirituality network: “BuildingSpiritual Capital” by NYT columnist David Brooks. Excerpt: "Public schools often give short shrift to spirituality for fear that they would be accused of proselytizing religion. But it should be possible to teach the range of spiritual disciplines, in order to familiarize students with the options, without endorsing any one. In an era in which so many people slip off the rails during adolescence, we don’t have the luxury of ignoring a resource that, if cultivated, could see them through. Ignoring spiritual development in the public square is like ignoring intellectual, physical or social development.

+ This week's Inner Frontier Inner Work is "Surrender to the Present" by Joseph Naft. Excerpt: "Whatever pulls on us, whatever keeps our body, mind, heart from working together and being fully engaged in what we are doing, can we let that go and totally surrender into the present? For this week, please practice entering flow through relaxation. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Relax your heart. Surrender your tensions to the present."

+ I am glad I have discovered OnFaith.

OnFaith offers “Breaking Free From the Spell of Religion” by Galen Guengerich. Excerpt: “(Rachel Held) Evans cites recent research showing that two-thirds of millennials prefer a classic church over a trendy one, and three-quarters would choose a sanctuary over an auditorium. She quotes her friend and blogger Amy Peterson on this issue: ‘I want a service that is not sensational, flashy, or particularly “relevant.” I can be entertained anywhere. At church, I do not want to be entertained . . . I want to be asked to participate in the life of an ancient-future community.’”

+ My pastor just offered a link to an interview with Walter Brueggemann on OnFaith. Brueggemann is one of the great biblical scholars of our times and a leading advocate for compassion, peace, justice and sustainable abundance.  Excerpt: "We in the United States live in a deathly social context that’s marked by consumerism and militarism and the loss of the common good. Younger people that are committed to the gospel have to think carefully about how to critique that dominant system of military consumerism and how to imagine alternative forms of life that are not defined by those corrosive pressures."

+ Sojourners offers "Who Said It: Fox News or Jesus?" by Jim Wallis

+ Word for the Day today, May 22, is one of my all time favorites: “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” – E.E. Cummings

+ A friend just shared this with me: "I learned this week about Maria Popova and her weblog Brain Pickings.  This is a recent post.  It is surprisingly poignant advice from a young Hunter S Thompson.  thought you might enjoy it." >

+ It will be Pentecost on Sunday. Spirituality and Practice offers some practices for the celebration Excerpt: "One of the reasons we love Pentecost so much is that it signifies wild freedom and intoxicating joy. The Holy Spirit is always confounding our expectations, slipping out of our restrictive ideas, and opening new doors for the people of God. So on this very special day, we suggest you offer the following toast.

"Invite family and friends to bring a special goblet, glass, or mug to a Pentecost gathering. Fill them with celebratory beverages. Then stand in a circle. Have each person share a brief example of feeling blessed by the Holy Spirit. The younger people may want to share visions, and the older people, dreams. After each person has spoken, raise your goblets and toast 'To the Holy Spirit'!"

+ Let's Go! There is a section at called Let's Go.  Using the metaphor of journey, I invite you to go to "places" where you can be inspired and illuminated and have spiritual encounters of various kinds.  I haven't added a "place" for a long time.  So, I think it is about time I add a "place." The new place is InterSpirituality, a movement which has the potential to produce the things which the world so desperately needs: compassion, peace, justice, sustainable abundance. Actually there are plenty of "places"where this important wisdom can be found.  I invite you to begin this exploration at The Spiritual Paths Institute created and led by Edward W. Bastian.  (I intend to add more InterSpirituality "places" as I add to this particular post which will eventually be revised and become the sixteenth place. Stay tuned.)

+ Every day I try to reflect on some inspiration and wisdom offered by great spiritual guides.  Here are some places on the web that I count on for daily nourishment:
+ Sometimes these posts have a theme and sometimes they don't.  Wandering is wandering.

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