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Inner Frontier Inner Work this week (June 8-14) is Living in Flow, Part 4, Fluid Mind. Here is an excerpt: “Flow means freedom. We can only live in flow to the extent that we are inwardly free. And freedom in front of our thoughts is a major step toward complete liberation. What does that freedom look like? Imagine that rather than falling under the spell of and reacting to every chain of thoughts going on in your mind, you instead know intuitively and without effort that those thoughts are not who you are, that they have no power or claim over you, that they are just thoughts, just words passing through your mind, and then you return to your presence and breathe easy. If there is something useful, creative, or truly urgent in those thoughts, you may take appropriate action, but without being identified with the thoughts. One measure of our being is the extent to which we live in the deep currents of stillness beneath our thoughts, the source of true flow, rather than on the surface of our mind, where endless chatter and self-centeredness abound.”

+ Inner Frontier Inner Work this week (June 1-7) is Living in Flow, part 3: Sensory Flow. Here is an excerpt: “As this river of our sensory life cascades through time, our relationship with it determines the extent to which we live in flow. There are two primary ways we stop ourselves from living in flow. The first is by putting obstacles into the stream and the second is by letting ourselves be carried away by the stream.”

+ MAY I BE TRANSFORMED: Breath by breath I seek to be transformed into my better self, my real self, my divine self.  We all are divine in our depths.  This is a hidden reality until we accept the truth that we really are made in the likeness of God and, therefore, we are intimately, intricately and infinitely connected by a matrix of unconditional, unlimited and uniting love which is miraculous, mysterious and marvelous.  What a wonderful reality this is and how we miss it unless and until we accept the truth. 

Back to first person: I have a tendency to avoid the truth, to live in the darkness of the perception that I live in a realm of scarcity, deprivation, loneliness and confusion.  I don’t!  I am called to live in the light, the love, the joy of this realm of abundance. 

In other words, I need to embrace transformation as liberation rather than bondage, as something I can accomplish through the amazing grace of God.  I will not be fully transformed into my perfectly divine self in this life.  But I can enjoy the process of getting a little closer and maybe even a lot closer since God loves me no matter what and miracles do happen. 

+ I am a fan of James Redfield and his Celestine Vision. Now he has written an article which gets to the heart of his insights: "5 Ways Spirituality Will Enhance Your Life." Excerpt > “In the genuine search for Spirituality, the first experience one often detects is the development of ‘mysterious coincidences.’ This very common phenomenon was termed ‘Synchronicity’  by the noted, early twentieth-century, depth psychologist, Carl Jung. It is defined as ‘the experience of meaningful events in one’s life that are so timely in occurrence it feels as though some hand of fate or destiny is involved.’”

The five ways are: 

  • Awareness of Synchronicity
  • Intuitive Awareness
  • Karmic Design
  • Prayer Power
  • The Ultimate Sense of Peace and Well Being
+ Here is an excerpt from this week's Inner Frontier Inner Work on "Body Flow"“Walking is a microcosm of our life. We are active, needing to pay attention, but thoughts come, some from other thoughts, some from the sensory impressions we receive while walking. Can we just simply be in our body, as we walk? Not distracted by our thoughts, but here in our body.”

+ Cartoons can get right to the point of what's happening. Check out "Stuff Jesus Said" by Matt Bors.

+ I thought that maybe JW54 was getting too long.  

+ Where would YOU like to wander joyfully?

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