Tuesday, January 12, 2016



+ It is not the actual literal renunciation which counts, it is the personal abandonment of belief in the importance of transient things. ... If there is such a thing as saintly renunciation, it is renouncing small gains for better gains; not for no gains, but seeing with open eyes what is better and what is inferior. Even if the choice has to lie between two momentary gains, one of these would always be found to be more real and lasting; that is the one that should be followed for the time. When we take the torch of wisdom to show us our path through life, we will end by realizing what is really profitable in life and what is not.
-- Hazrat Inayat Khan excerpted from http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/VII/VII_15.htm

+ Hazrat Inayat Khan (see SE posts 22, 31 and 45) wisely points out that detachment, or renunciation, is a process in itself which can lead to more and more profitable experiences in this life.  Discernment, a practice we will soon explore more thoroughly, can’t happen without it. 

As we move through these practices, more fruits become available to us.  Detachment, based so much on the practice of stillness, is a way to true abundance, not scarcity, a way to more, not less.  Deprivation is not what this practice is about.

+ You can always find a link to any of the Spiritual Explorations posts by going to http://abundancetrek.com/sepostsaccess.html

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