Tuesday, February 2, 2016



+ It is a mystery we are dipped into. Two-thirds of Jesus' teachings are about forgiveness. A good third of Jesus' parables are about forgiveness, directly or indirectly. Forgiveness has nothing to do with logic. It is the final breakdown of logic. It is a mystical recognition that human evil is something we are all trapped by, suffering from, and participating in. It calls forth weeping, humility, and healing much more than feverish attempts to root out the evil. The transformation happens through the tears much more than through threats and punishments.
-- Richard Rohr in Everything Belongs

+ As I write this reflection today, February 1, 2016, I am aware of synchronicity which is a great topic in itself and an important theme James Redfield has featured in his efforts on behalf of the Celestine Vision.  Today, I received Lesson 10 in the current Spirituality and Practice e-course: Learning to Accept Grief as a Lifelong Companion.  This course will be available for some time and it is one of the best e-courses I have experienced.  The February 1 lesson in the course is on Forgiveness.  This is the  synchronicity or divine coincidence which I experienced.  God is always teaching us, guiding us, challenging us and comforting us.  

It takes humility to forgive.  The hardest person to forgive is yourself.  Humility allows us to engage the process where we can face the reality of the situations and events of our lives where we need to forgive ourselves.  If you are like me, there are plenty.  We can forgive others as we progress in the important process of forgiving ourselves.

Spirituality and Practice offers a wonderful 12s gallery of images and quotes on Humility
http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/galleries/category/12s/2#/37/12-humility. The photo and quote above comes from that gallery.

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