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+ [Ramakrishna said] ‘Adore and honor yourself humbly as my child.’ Not as your small self, not as your ego, not the false self, the constructed self, the biographical self, the self that wants power, but as the Divine Self, the Divine Child who through love, through adoration of the Mother and of each being as the child of the Mother, develops the awakened mystic senses of divine childhood. Honor yourself humbly as my child. Worship the body in which you are having this experience. Protect it. Worship your hair, your knuckles, your feet, and the strange little bones you have in secret places. Bless each aspect of your being, including those aspects that you have been taught to feel ashamed of. Bless them, release them all into the light and embrace of the Mother. Adore yourself, honor yourself, revere yourself. Salute yourself. Bow down to her in you, and to the divine childhood in you that is waiting to be born.
— Andrew Harvey in The Return of the Mother

+ Adore yourself?  Honor yourself?  Is this what humility is about? YES.

But remember what Max Wertheimer, a pioneer of Gestalt Psychology said: “An adult is a deteriorated child.” It is essential that we return to our original state of divine simplicity.  As we continue to practice, practice, practice stillness and detachment, we return to our authentic or real self.  Humility is the practice of being real, being honest, being sincere, being compassionate, being childlike.

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