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+ The regular practice of contemplative prayer initiates a healing process that might be called the divine therapy. The level of deep rest accessed during the prayer periods loosen up the hard pan around the emotional weeds stored in the unconscious of which the body seems to be the warehouse. The psyche begins to evacuate spontaneously the undigested emotional materials of a lifetime, opening up new space for self-knowledge, freedom of choice, and the discovery of the divine presence within.
-- Thomas Keating in Invitation to Love

+ Healing is the goal, the destination, of this stage of the journey, the Journey of the Heart.  Our explorations in this stage began with the practice of Silence followed by the practice of Discernment.  These practices are essential as are the Journey of the Mind practices of Stillness, Detachment and Humility.  So, practice, practice, practice.

Perhaps goal or destination are not the right words to use here because, for most of us, healing can never be grasped in its entirety as long as we are living in the confines of our earthly bodies.  But we are more than that.  We really are heavenly beings.  There are people who live on earth within the confines of these earthly bodies of ours who nevertheless live fully as heavenly beings.  I believe our evolutionary process is making this happen more and more.  It still may be only a few who can live fully as heavenly beings here on earth but more and more of us can enjoy this amazing heavenly life frequently. 

I know Father Keating thinks so.  He urges us to practice Centering Prayer so that we can indeed enjoy the “discovery of the divine presence within.”  And Jesus taught us that “the Kingdom of God is within you.”  Go for it.      

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