Friday, April 1, 2016



Listen, listen
Listen to your heart
Tune into the rhythm
Listen to your heart
Beating with precision
Like the waves upon the seaside,
It goes on and on
Like the spinning of the world,
It goes on and on

Listen, listen
Listen for the sound
That is not in the music
Only you can hear it,
Only you can use it
It's the sound of someone breathing,
It's the breath of life
It's the sound that you are weaving
With the thread of life
-- Verses in “Healing, Part 1” by Todd Rundgren

+ Todd Rundgren is one of my favorite Rock’n’Roll artists.  I was delighted when I first heard “Healing” on a Chicago Progressive Rock station.  Those were the days.  I have listened to “Healing” many times since then and I am forever grateful for this music and these words.  Thank You, Todd. You can see all the words at  You can listen to all 3 parts at

+ I have work to do on my Healing Page.   Maybe you can help.  Send an email with the subject “Healing” to

+ You can always find a link to any of the Spiritual Explorations posts by going to

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